Scholarly Concentrations Program (SCP)

Health Systems Engineering (hseSC)


There is increasing recognition that the current American healthcare system has major failings and limitations; with extraordinary escalation in costs, lack of healthcare access and coverage, and a high rate of complications, error and waste. Recently, many institutions have proposed the development of a new area of interest; a hybrid of healthcare delivery and systems engineering, called Health Systems Engineering. This scholarly concentration allows individuals with an interest in "healthcare systems operations" an opportunity to participate in education and applied research on industrial engineering and optimization principles that apply to healthcare.


This concentration has specific structure with practical applications for systems and patient safety. Regular meetings with faculty leaders. Presentation of research work/publication of manuscript. Attendance in conferences as possible. 

Overview of Concentration

  • Attendance at seminars
  • Year 1: Patient Safety, Leading Change, and Foundational Process Improvement Tools
  • Summer: Applied Probability & Statistics
  • Year 2: Systems Modeling & Optimization
  • Year 3: Data Mining & Analytics
  • Year 4: Additional exposure to the application of improvement Tools and Methods, including Lean and Six Sigma
  • Year 1-4: Scholarly Projects

Faculty Leadership

Grisselle Centeno, PhD

Timothy Kubal, MD, MBA

Jason Lebsack