Welcome to PaperFree Florida

The PaperFree Florida Collaborative Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (PaperFree Florida) is part of a nationwide initiative that provides physicians with qualified, reliable assistance in selecting, implementing and achieving ”Meaningful Use” of certified EHR Systems.

The USF Health PaperFree regional extension center will be operating under a No Cost Extension until June 6, 2016, when the project will end. Formed through a partnership between USF Health, the Greater Ocala Health Information Trust, Inc., Watson Clinic, L.L.P., and the Florida Academy of Family Physicians, PaperFree Florida has served medical practices across the state, helping them successfully steer their practices through all stages of the EHR transition process. An in-depth report showing the impact of PaperFree is being produced and will be posted on this page sometime this Summer. If you have urgent questions, please contact:

Gary A. Hendrickson, PM, CRA-USF
Project Manager