Current Research Projects

Injury Registry

The SMART Institute is currently analyzing injury patterns occurring in secondary school athletes in the Tampa Bay region. This project, spearheaded by Dr. Karen Liller, captures data collected from the SMART certified athletic trainers in the secondary school settings and is reviewed for trends, patterns, and other common findings in an effort to recognize the major causes of injuries. Compared to other research studies that have looked at injury patterns, the SMART Institute's custom-developed surveillance software program plans to analyze data that has never before been recorded. It is the goal of the SMART Institute to carefully review the data that crosses many sports, both male and female alike, and establish recommended guidelines for injury prevention.

To read a report submitted to the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) that summarizes our findings for the 2007-2008 year, please click here.

"One of the important things the injury registry will be will be to look at the athlete's exposure to the sports to determine true risk. With this information we can make a difference through the development of targeted intervention programs that will be evaluated for efficacy in reducing injuries and their outcomes. With the help of our certified athletic trainers, we are making our secondary school athletic programs safe and places where the students can grow and thrive!"

-Dr. Karen Liller