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Teaching seminars are mandatory for all orthopaedic residents and cover a variety of topics including basic science related to orthopaedic problems, clinical orthopaedic conferences (case presentations and lecturers) and presentations from inter-related clinical specialties (e.g., neurosurgery, general surgery, trauma, infectious disease, rheumatology, radiology, etc.). These are rotated on a regular basis over the year. Residents help coordinate the conferences and teaching materials. The orthopaedic core curriculum held every Friday morning consists of case conferences at 7 am, grand rounds at 8 am, clinical core lecture at 9 am and basic science at 10 am. Lectures take place at FIVE Labs the Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education (FORE).

Each sub-specialty rotation has specific conferences that takes place each week in which the residents are required to attend. The conferences teach residents to become proactive physicians, more organized and they enhance the resident's learning. Conferences may include fracture conference, case discussions and pre-operative and post-operative planning.

USF Orthopaedic Core Lecture Series

The USF orthopaedic core lecture series takes place every Friday from 7:00 am – 12:00 pm. The lectures are held at FIVE labs, 4115 West Spruce Street, Tampa, FL 33615. The lecture series consists of M&M, Case Review, Grand Rounds, CORR book review, Basic Science, Research, Anatomy and sometimes Saw Bones. Lectures are open to the orthopaedic community, faculty, residents, fellows and health professions students. A list of all the lectures can be found on the downloadable USF Ortho Education Schedule. Lectures are subject to change at any time.

Download USF Ortho Education Schedule

Tampa Bay Orthopaedic Society (TBOS)

The goal of this program is to provide orthopaedic education to the USF orthopaedic faculty, fellows, residents, medical students and orthopaedic physicians in the community. This activity fulfills all the missions of the University of South Florida by providing:

  • Student access and success in an engaged, and interdisciplinary, learner-centered environment,

  • Research and scientific discovery, including the generation, dissemination, and translation of new knowledge across disciplines; to strengthen the economy; to promote civic culture and the arts; and to design and build sustainable, healthy communities, and

  • Embracing innovation, and supporting scholarly and artistic engagement to build a community of learners together with significant and sustainable university-community partnerships and collaborations.


Morbidity & Mortality

The purpose Mortality and Morbidity Conferences is to have weekly reviews of either conventional or selective deaths and complications of preceding periods. These are closed conferences only offered to the USF residents, faculty and affiliate faculty. This conference is held the 1st Friday of every month at 7:00 am.

Orthopaedic Case Review

Orthopaedic case review is designed for the residents to present on interesting surgical cases that they have assisted on during their rotation. Case reviews help create interaction and discussion as a way of learning with the attendings. These case reviews are held weekly at 7:00 am.

MSK Radiology

The musculoskeletal radiology conference brings together USF radiology and orthopedic residents. This conference provides residents with diverse education in all areas of musculoskeletal imaging, exceptional exposure to a variety of cases and the residents can participate in the reading images on the entire musculoskeletal system. This conference is held the 4th Friday of every month at 7:00 am.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is a series of educational presentations held weekly on Friday from 8:00 – 9:00 AM located at FIVE Labs. Local faculty and visiting professors are invited to present on educational needs identified by ongoing research and care in the field of orthopaedics.

Journal Club

A monthly Journal club (reviewing primarily JBJS) is held the 2nd Thursday evening of each month for USF residents and faculty. The purpose of journal clubs is to increase awareness of current and classical articles in orthopaedics and specialty areas.

Anatomy Labs

Cadaver labs are held in the spring at FIVE Labs. Faculty from different sub-specialties of orthopaedics help dissect and teach the surgical approach for different areas of the body.

Continuing Medical Education

The University of South Florida offers many CME conferences for those interested in orthopaedics. Please check out the Continuing Professional Development page at http://www.cme.hsc.usf.edu/ for a list of upcoming orthopaedic conferences.