Douglas Letson, M.D.Douglas Letson, M.D.
Orthopaedic Oncology
David Cheong, M.D.David Cheong, M.D.
Orthopaedic Oncology
Odion Binitie, M.D.Odion Binitie, MD
Orthopaedic Oncology

Odion Binitie is our 2012-2013 Musculoskeletal Oncology Fellow. He completed a Pediatric Fellowship at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He completed his undergraduate training at Florida State and continued on to complete medical school at the University of South Florida . He was one of our first graduating orthopaedic residents at USF in 2011.

Sarcoma Research Faculty at Moffitt Cancer Center

Jack Pledger, PhD - Executive Vice President & Associate Center Director for Basic Science

Daniel Sullivan, MD, PhD - Executive Vice President & Associate Center Director for Clinical Investigations

Damon Reed, MD - Pediatric and Adolescent Sarcoma Medical Oncologist

Marilyn M. Bui, MD, PhD - Scientific Director, Analytic Microscopy Core Facility, Director of Cytopathology Fellowship

Scott J. Antonia, MD, PhD - Chair, Department of Thoracic Oncology Co-Program Leader, Immunology Medical Director, Cellular Therapies Core Chair, Thoracic Oncology

Robert S. Lavey, MD, MPH Radiation Oncology

Matthew C. Biagioli, MD - Radiation Oncology

Jonathan S. Zager, MD

Ricardo J. Gonzalez, MD - Assistant Member Sarcoma